Andrew Simmons is a celebrated wildlife expert specializing in predators. Since 1971, he has been studying, raising and lecturing about wild animals. Simmons travels with and exhibits with big cats, bear cubs, carnivorous reptiles and birds of prey.

With a Golden Eagle or a Eurasian Eagle Owl perched upon his glove, he fascinates his audience with tales of how this wild creature survives and adapts in its natural environment. Dispelling old myths about predators, he handles a Leopard, a Black Bear cub, Burmese Pythons and a Nile Monitor, sharing his informative, amusing adventures with wild animals. He explains why these creatures remain wild even in captivity.

Audiences are entertained and delighted as volunteers participate in holding a python or when the bear cubs decide that its time to play. Simmons' programs generate excitement and a sense of involvement. As audiences gain insight into wildlife behavior, they learn how species become threatened or endangered and how research and wildlife management contribute to their survival.

Although exciting and entertaining, the purpose of the Simmons Wildlife Programs are to give the audience an accurate, objective view of what is really necessary for the preservation of species and their habitats for the future.