Andrew Simmons is a celebrated lecturer and entertainer whose appearances include:
     -Good Morning America (ABC)
     -The Today Show (NBC)
     -Good Day, New York (FOX)
     -Awake on the Wild Side (MTV)
     -The New York State Fair
     -Frequent Lecturer at the American Museum of Natural History

In addition Andrew also supplies animals for commercials, photoshoots and talk shows including:
     -Live with Regis & Kelly
     -The Late Show with Dave Letterman
     -The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
     -Saturday Night Live
     -Late Night with Conan O'Brien
     -Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
     -The Today Show
     -CBS Morning Show

In 1992, Simmons was one of 16 naturalists and scientists invited to join the Australian Geographic Society's Annual Expedition. A repeat "Top FiveSpeaker" at the International Platform Association (IPA) Convention, Andrew Simmons presents programs and animals for:
     -Talk Shows
     -Colleges and Schools
     -Fairs and Expositions
     -Sportsmen's Shows

"I first learned about Simmons Wildlife Programs from the American Museum of Natural History's quarterly calendar. I got his contact information from the Museum's Education department and quickly learned how respected and loved he is within the museum. I learned that Andrew was a part of the original sleepover program team at the museum over 25 years ago and decided to give him the opportunity to perform for the A Night at the Museum program. It wasn't a surprise that not only was he an amazing educator but had the greatest variety of animals for the families. Andrew Simmons has this gift of making science fun, relatable and building a deeper understands and loves for nature amongst our youngest visitors. I would say without hesitation that Andrew is the best educator that has presented at A Night at the Museum. Andrew has the special ability to capture the imagination, wonder and excitement of children and families. He understands how to engage an audience and make you feel that you are the only person in the room.
Andrew also has a great variety and is excellent at animal handling. He becomes one with the animal on stage. His way of communicating to the audience through humor, stories and fun facts is charming too. He is truly a gem in my programming at the Museum.
I highly recommend him as a museum educator. He is proactive, passionately curious about science and culture, excellent with children and a talented educator but most importantly a great human being that reminds us that we are not alone on this planet. Andrew is intelligent, creative, and driver and He would be an invaluable asset to your organization or project."
     -Leslie Martinez, M.S.Ed

"Every year for the past three years, my club at Union College called Speakers Forum, has been lucky enough to have Andrew as a speaker. Time and time again, Andrew has been nothing but extraordinary, bringing excitement to campus to kick off the start of each school year. Seeing animals such as lion cubs, tiger cubs, bear cubs, Burmese Pythons, alligators, owls, eagles, and many more always catches everyone's attention. Andrew speaks about these animals with an intelligence like no one else could. He also brings humor to his program, making the crowd of 200+ laugh multiple times. We look forward to bringing back Andrew Simmons once again next year!"
     -William A. Freidman

"Andrew Simmons is a family favorite at Mohonk Mountain House and a successful showman. His commentary is lively, fluent and packed with great educational information. As our parents and children exit the show the comments donít just stop that night. We here them throughout the guests stay and they are received on comment cards sent back to us after our guests depart. Andrew has been performing here since the early 90ís and I always look forward to having him here. In just plain words he is Wonderful Entertainment for all.Ē
     -Entertainment Director at Mohonk Mountain House

"Andrew Simmons is a repeat performer at the Museumís Wild, Wild World series. The series draws repeat families, many of whom consider Simmonsí presentations to be true standouts. Heís a skilled educator whose presentation style avoids being overly practiced, but is instead dynamic and reactive to the audience. His extraordinary sense of humor is one of the best qualities of his presentations and leaves both children and adults laughing (a truly difficult task!)."
     -American Museum of Natural History